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The information sent in this e-mail is confidential and destined solely for the addressee(s). The use of this information by parties other than the addressee(s) is prohibited. This e-mail is destined solely for the addressee(s). Please contact us immediately if this e-mail was erroneously sent to you. In this case, we ask that you do not use the contents nor distribute them to third parties as this message can contain confidential information, protected by a duty of professional confidentiality. The disclosure, reproduction, distribution and/or supply of this information to third parties is not permitted. Bentacera is not responsible for the accurate and complete conveyance of the contents of the e-mails it sends, nor for the timely receipt thereof, and is not liable for any viruses contained in this e-mail and/or any attachments.

All of our work is carried out pursuant to an agreement for professional services concluded with Bentacera B.V. and its legal predecessors (see below). Our General Terms and Conditions apply to these services and contain limitations on liability. Notwithstanding any exceptions contained in these General Terms and Conditions, liability will always be limited to the amount paid out by our professional liability insurance in relevant cases. Our General Terms and Conditions were filed on 1 January 2020 at the Chamber of Commerce Noord-Nederland under number 01110339, and may also be found on www.bentacera.nl.

Bentacera is an organisation that resulted from a merger between:

BENT Accountants en Adviseurs
Acera Heerenveen
Acera Accountants & Raadgevers B.V.
Acera Personeel en Salarisadvies B.V.
Acera Registeraccountants B.V.

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